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04. 03. 01.

An ongoing exploration of feminist history through the sharing of a meal.

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PPU,2019:/?/Projects/PPU/ 2014-12-20T15:07:36+11:00 @page_description
02. 01.

Painted wood, childrens books, slide projections, digital projections.

An experiment, inhabiting a small storefront gallery with family for 2 X 10 hour durations.

Feminism and Joseph Bueys.

Performed as part of Chashama's summmer performance series.

house/home,2019:/?/Projects/house-home/ 2014-12-20T14:56:02+11:00 @page_description
02. 01.

Wood, wool and acrylic yarn.

house/home is a dance made for "The Art of Influence" curated by Melinda Ring at Danspace Project as part of the Judson Now Platform.

Performed in silence by three women in spandex leotards, one visibly pregnant, one invisibly pregnant, one not pregnant.

houses,2019:/?/Projects/houses/ 2019-04-25T00:41:42+10:00 @page_description
06. 05. 03. 02. 01.

Fabric, Yarn, Thread, Cord

A series of non compressive, floppy, architectural explorations. The life of each house is envisioned beyond its sculptural qualities and is used for activities alternative to the dominant structure outside.

Feelleef set,2019:/?/Projects/Feelleef/ 2014-11-06T01:50:46+11:00 @page_description
04. 03. 02. 01.

Set design for a dance performance piece in collaboration with choreographer Megan Byrne. Feelleef was created around the concepts of constructing and deconstructing meaning through relationships between movement, repetition, and changing view points. Over the duration of the dance, the folding panels expand and contract creating multiple conditions for the dance to respond to. The piece was also later staged without the set, with dancers acting as the set.

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Liliana Dirks-Goodman is an artist, designer, and cultural organizer living and working in New York City.

She is the coorgainzer of AUNTS.